August 28, 2008

Centurion and the Goverment of Canada to begin consultations

By Melvin J. Howard

The Government of Canada has responded back to a request of consultation in a letter dated August 25, 2008. We shall now prepare in accordance with Article 1118 of NAFTA to move forward with this process.

Update to last entry:

Canada to call election

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper will launch a federal election campaign Sunday with a visit to the Governor General. Sources say Harper will meet with Michaelle Jean at 9 a.m. ET and ask her to dissolve Canada's 39th Parliament, with an election on Oct. 14. As Canadian elections seem imminent Centurion will halt consultations proceedings until after the new Government is installed. At that time Centurion will proceed if after the consultations there appears to be no resolution we will move to go to arbitration.

August 15, 2008

Melvin J. Howard responds back to the Government of Canada on our NAFTA claim

By Melvin J. Howard

As per the letter addressed to me by the Government of Canada dated July 24, 2008 as per Article 1118 of NAFTA to settle our claim through consultation. We have responded back to the Government of Canada via faxed letter on August 8, 2008 that we are prepared to sit down and meet on the subject matter. As I want our stakeholders to keep fully abreast of the proceeding matter. I intend on addressing this issue with both US Presidential Candidates. Why are there still trade barriers to American health care companies wanting to enter Canada? When indeed these services are being provided privately by Canadian practitioners. If after 90 days we have not heard back from the Government of Canada we will proceed to file for arbitration under NAFTA rules.