August 30, 2009

My tribute to Senator Edward Kennedy

By Melvin J. Howard

If you accomplished all of your goals before you died you did not dream big enough! My tribute to Senator Edward Kennedy on his dream of reforming health care in America.

August 13, 2009

Canada the benefit of the doubt lets leave none

By Melvin J. Howard

Speaking of doubt lets leave none Canada in the past has shown a wide systematic institutionalize discriminatory practice of shutting out American health care companies in any form. I want even get into the other discriminatory practice I encountered don't worry if you don't get it now you soon will. So when I read Americans are not being very good trading neighbours right now. I just say interesting for over 12 years of my life starting in 1998 Canada was an awful trading neighbour. Just to be sure you understand how long I have been continually given the run around and spent countless and countless dollars you have no further then to look at your own Federal Corporation Data link People are just starting to realize what a one-sided trade deal this has been for Canada for so long. On the other hand Canadian health care companies take full advantage of the free enterprise system that America is so famous for. This arbitration will be one of the most transparent one’s yet the public should be able to peer behind the curtain and see what I saw for many of those years. It is time to shed some light in those dark places and like any good trial lawyer I have been prepping for this for a long time and my closing argument will be strong. So what is 12 years of a man’s life worth let’s start with $160,000,000.00 dollars the rest we can negotiate.