February 19, 2005

World Bank Financial Products and Services

Financial Products and Services

The Banking and Debt Management Group in the World Bank
Treasury assures high-quality delivery to Bank clients of the
IBRD's financial product menu - which includes lending and
hedging products - by way of providing a wide range of client
services, namely:

Offering general IBRD financial product information/training
programs, through the preferred client media. Training can
be classroom-based, distance learning or multi-media.

Supporting the customized application of the flexibility of
IBRD financial terms (currency, interest rate basis,
repayment terms) to meet client's project or sovereign risk
management needs. This support can be provided during IBRD
project/loan preparation or in connection with the client's
overall IBRD financing program.

Enabling the access of IBRD borrowers to the Bank's hedging
products. As part of the process of negotiating a Master
Derivatives Agreement (MDA) between a client and the IBRD,
BCFBD offers workshops and other activities aimed at
building client-country capacity to use derivative products
in general and IBRD hedging products in particular.

Providing training workshops on the use of analytical tools
such as the Financial Product Workbooks, the Principal
Amortization Generator, the Swap Calculator and the
Cap/Floor Calculator. These tools were designed by IBRD to
support informed borrower decision making with respect to
IBRD loan and hedging products.

For more information please contact us at:
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