October 05, 2008

Obama's health plan not mandatory get the facts

Politics and US Health Care do we dare put them in the same room together?

By Melvin J. Howard

When I got a news feed this weekend that Gov. Sarah Palin said that Senator Obama proposes a universal, government-run program. Number one it alarmed me number two that’s not what I read in his health care plan. So ready to phone his campaign office and ask is this true CNN did it for me http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/10/04/fact-check-does-obama-back-a-universal-government-run-health-system Turns out that is not true Senator Obama proposes a structure that ensures everyone will be covered, not by a single government-run plan but by guaranteeing access to a mix of government and private plans. I think the Democrats understand that the vast majority of Americans are not ready to give up their private health insurance plans and that creates a political imperative to continue making private health insurance a part of any “unique American solution.” So lesson learned don’t make snap decisions in the middle of a political campaign get the facts. Wish that our politicians concentrated on the facts instead of making things up. That’s not politics its malice and I think it does more harm then good if your tying to make a political point. Because the next time you make a bold statement that was made from fiction instead of fact. People will start to ignore all of your statements.

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