May 25, 2009

Health Care Reform Is Coming The Storm Is Here Last Chance To Get On Board

There is shelter in health care reform come and I'll show you

By Melvin J. Howard

The moral majority, traditional values, conservatives for a better health care system. We want to educate the public on the importance of traditional values and ideas. Bullshit these are all code name groups and we all know what the code is. I bet if you look at their membership it will be same demographics. What these groups want to do is sabotage health care reform in the United States. I am so sick of these groups using politics and racial divide to pull apart America get a clue this is not the 1960’s.

In 1687 Sir Isaac Newton wrote an article about how the world works he called it “Principia Mathematica”. According to Newton, given any starting point we can correctly predict the outcome of any given event. Other words whatever goes up must come down this theory was called determinism. In Newton’s view the universe functions as a machine, set in motion by God. Free will was meaningless like cogs in a wheel we are merely cogs in a machine. What he was saying that since God’s great apparatus has already started that all motion and everything else in the universe is predetermined. Now who could argue with scientific facts proven with mathematical calculations? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Determinism takes away all free will forget about your dreams of the future they were already determined everything was already decided by God. Don’t laugh at the time some thought this was law and some today still think so no matter what scientific data proves otherwise. Wouldn’t life be pretty boring and depressing if this was really how life was suppose to be?

But then came alone quantum physics it blew out all previous scientific theories out of the water it rules out determinism, and instead provides us a world full of possibilities and probabilities. Whatever your beliefs are about God the idea that there is this great machine running in the sky somewhere became invalid when quantum physics was discovered. The Great Machine does not determine the outcomes of our lives we are free to choose how our lives should be. Everything in our physical world is what you make of it. Each of us is free to make our lives better; the subatomic world is filled with so many possible outcomes. Even Albert Einstein one of the fathers of quantum physics could not believe what he discovered in quantum physics. He just could not get around the fact that God could play dice with the universe. But that is exactly what is going on nothing in this world is carved in stone. Life is not static it is in continuous motion now we can choose to except this phenomenon or be like a dear caught in the head lights and get run over by change.      

This health care crisis demands fundamental change now! You have got a President with a mandate to change it and a Congress ready to act let’s do this thing! The gale winds of change are here it’s a comin. The opposing lobby has one weapon employed one basic theme in trying to stop health care reform. To scare the hell out of Americans by decrying a "government takeover" of health care! Now let me tell you if I thought the administration were talking about a mandatory single payor government run health care system. Like Canada’s or the UK believe me I’d be marching in the streets protesting with an army of supporters. I am sure by now everybody knows how I feel about a mandatory single payor government run health care system #*@^! (Translation it would suck) but its time to be a solution to the problem not become the problem.

Last week, the leading health care trade associations the insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, drug companies, and the union stood with the president to pledge dramatically to "do their part" to reduce the rate of soaring health care costs by 1.5 percent a year over the next decade, a promise that would save some $2 trillion from the cost of care. Now I know what you are saying a promise that and a dime can by me a cup of coffee. What’s preventing these guys from going back on their word? Well frankly nothing except this fear of a government run plan like Medicare. They say give us time to fulfill our promises, they argue. If we fail, then consider a public plan. I certainly hope this is not a stall tactic to buy time and see if people will remember this next year approach. Fact is health care costs are out of this world. Even some of my rich friends are saying dam it’s costing me too much to supply health care coverage for all of my employees.

But this is why this time around health care reform will pass because two key factions, the business lobby and the health insurance industry, are talking seriously about substantial changes that would ideally help cover the nation's 47 million uninsured, improve the quality of care, and tame the growth of healthcare spending. The nation's largest health insurance lobbying group will present its own proposal for a version of universal health insurance. The group, America's Health Insurance Plans, has put up a website featuring man-on-the-street video interviews of people complaining about the lack of affordable healthcare: "I'm disgusted, I'm frustrated, I don't know what to do about it," a blonde woman with glasses says in one of the interviews. "It's time for the government to step in."

Leading business lobbyists have also joined in regular negotiations with insurers, healthcare providers, unions and other advocacy groups on what reforms they would support - not just what they would oppose - and they are trying to reach consensus on difficult issues. They have also underwritten television ad campaigns pressing for reform, in cooperation with such unlikely partners as AARP, which represents people over 50, and the Service Employees International Union. Wow what a difference its like the McCoy’s and the Hatfield’s decided to stop shooting at each other to have tea and talk things over.

PS: Canada the day of how you breached trade rules and took our money will be coming to light shortly.