October 24, 2007

Centurion to take over the proposed Regent Hills project a $154 Million Dollar surgical facillity to be built in Canada

Regent Hills Health Centre (RHHC) a new name for the centre will be revealed this spring is a new concept in Canadian Health Care. It is a structured finance model, with no public subsidization. That will optimizes patients’ lives by responding to their need for wellness in an holistic fashion. It is also a business solution for the Canadian health care system and insurance companies. Providing rapid response to the need for state of the art surgical space/expertise, RHHC offers a greatly reduced wait time for clients. For some, this means an earlier return to work, for others a timely release from pain, for all it will be an holistic approach to healing. The positive spin-offs in terms of patient care, business efficiency, training and education for the medical profession and overall regional economic development are enormous.

Regent Hills Health Center will provide specific medical services which must be profitable as stand alone businesses. The Company will manage the support services and facilities as individual business units - each with unique revenue and cost strategies. Quality control and quality assurance programs will be integrated amongst the business units and monitored by management, in conjunction with, the Company’s Medical Advisory Committee. While the business units complement one another, the intent of individual management of the unit is to optimize economic performance within each unit. All such activities, however, integrate into a much larger picture, one of which the company foresees developing into a portfolio of fully integrated and comprehensive health care services.

multi-specialty health organization, committed to delivering high quality synergistic health care solutions, which provides professional excellence utilizing leading edge medical technology facilities and evidence based knowledge.

Regent Hills Health Centre:

l Committed to innovation and excellence inpatient & client centered care.

l Provides integrated and comprehensive health care solutions.

l Provides access to state of the art Surgical and therapeutic

equipment and treatment modalities currently not available to Canadians.

l Established health care standards which exceed market and

professional regulations and expectations.

l Supports continued opportunity and education for both

professional and support staff.

. Integrates with local community.

. Supports clinical research.