September 25, 2008

Does Canada Have Two Sides Of Health Care Yes

Is it just I or does thou protest to much

By Melvin J. Howard

There are many aspects of a theory and argument the argument I am making in my NAFTA claim is this. Don’t be a hypocrite in a letter of intent from Vancouver General Hospital dated June 23, 1997 we were to add the first Gamma Knife technology in Canada to the hospital. After spending over $200,000 to do preliminary work including flying a technician from the Gamma knife offices to do the inspection of the proposed site. In addition to training a physician on the technology. The hospital reneged on their agreement. The Province well aware of the negotiations gave a green light only when it came out in public they pretended not to know anything. My lawyer at the time sent a letter of pending litigation for breach. I will not say why I dropped the litigation other then some favours being called in. My point is this profiteer I am not. Not by a long shot anyone who knows me will tell you health care is my life and passion I have the battle scars to prove it. This is not my first rodeo I have been doing this for a long time. On behalf of my investors which includes a crosscut of companies, individual, physicians, lawyers, accountants and vendors. Its time I take a stand for what I and my stakeholders already know for a long time coming and I will prove that very shortly.