August 16, 2012

Health Care ,Politics and Money

Don’t play politics as usual with our health
By Melvin J. Howard
We have seen how money enables people to convince someone else to act in a certain way. It shifts their beliefs towards something you would like to have happen. But what else does money do? It also shifts your own beliefs – it convinces you that you have the power. But it is not the money that convinces you; it cannot possibly do that. You convince yourself, without a shred of doubt, that you have the ability! This teaches you two things: (1) you can convince yourself either way regardless of the money and the results happen regardless of the money and (2) you always, always, regardless of the money, have to convince yourself first of your ability so that you may use it.

There is much that has been hidden from most people for a very long time now; yet this does not mean it doesn’t exist. Things are not always what they appear to be. But you can always know them by their fruits. Welcome to the world of Health Care, Politics and Money.

You are about to see how you are playing a game within a structure that appears to be one thing but is actually another. You are playing a game with rules that are sometimes designed to stack the odds against you especially if you are not aware of them. You are playing a game you don’t even have to play, but you think that you do. You assume that the game you are playing in was designed for your benefit, and you fail to see that it may have been designed for someone else’s benefit but at your expense. Most of all, you are playing a game that has been altered to slowly erode your sense of self-reliance and self-determination. What you are about to see is that true democracy has not yet arrived on this planet – what we call democracy is not really democracy, and most of all very different from freedom. The founders of the United States put in place a constitution to bring in democracy, but somewhere along the way, it was hijacked, so to speak. What we now have is the exact same situation that has been going on in this planet for the last 10,000 years.

The ‘mighty’ ruling the ‘weak’ through simple means of deception. Each time the truth is known, the ‘weak’ realize that it is only their lack of information that is keeping them under, and things change. Usually, the ‘mighty’ adopt a new deception tactic which is used until that deception is reveled. That is the history of the world, a history that has repeated itself over and over, and it is not ridiculous to think that this has not stopped. Democracy by definition is the idea that the majority rule. Not minority, but majority. Now, even if democracy was happening perfectly and the majority did rule, that would still not amount to true freedom because the minority would be ‘forced’ to forgo their wishes and follow the majority. In other words, if 75% of the population believed the earth was flat, and 25% believed it was round, the 25% would be, in some areas of life, forced to live as if it was flat even when they could have lived according to their truth. So, democracy does not amount to true freedom that recognizes the sovereignty and divinity of every sentient being but that is another topic all together. Let us first look at the link between money and elections. What you will see is that elections are extremely predictable and follow a pattern that, once you learn to recognize it, can be used to have the outcome you want roughly 90 to 95% of the time.

The big corporations and the wealthy throw in large sums of money towards their candidate’s election. They do so because they know for sure it works. It is actually a race of who has the most money, in a sense. Interestingly, however, the general U.S. population is very non-participative. First, often only about 14% of Americans, on average, vote. The percentage that contributes any money to the proposed candidates (notice the use of the word ‘proposed’ instead of chosen, because the public often have nothing to do with choosing the proposed candidates) is even smaller. It is not only candidates that can collect donations for elections. Political parties also collect plenty of money every election cycle - from individuals, lobby groups and corporations. The founding fathers of the U.S. had a very high vision for humanity and freedom. Has that vision translated correctly or somehow became screwed along the way. The U.S. has two main political parties. The Democrats and the Republicans. The last time a U.S. president came from any other party except one of these two was in 1835. 1835 was the last year a non-Democrat and non-Republican sat in the White House. 1835. This means that, the way things are set up now, to have any chance of being president you must be a member of one of these two parties. Otherwise, your chances are next to zero. OK. Now, each of these two parties has its own set of core beliefs and the way it does things. 

Nothing much changes really. Within each party, there isn’t much argument on major philosophies of the party – only on details. So in essence, what you have is two parties representing two ideologies that both fit within the current system. I am using the U.S. as the examples here because it is the model on which most other democracies are founded. In the past there has been little chance for growth and change; maintenance of the current system i.e. status quo is what these two parties have maintained over decades.

I had mentioned earlier, about 14% of Americans vote and out of that only less than 1% of regular people contribute to the candidates (the vast bulk of the money comes from just a few hundred ultra-wealthy donors). The rest don’t participate at all in this democracy. The two main candidates are almost always financed by big business interest groups). The current system the way it is set up now binds these candidates to returning favors to those who financed them. That is just plain facts but this is not a political science lesson nor statement. It is about health care our health care and it should not be politics as usual. Our health care system was broken it was not sustainable in its current form and it needed to be fixed. Economically a quarter of the population is not covered which translate into our labor force. How can we compete globally if a major part of our work force is sick and can’t get the help they need. How can we show the rest of the world by example we are a compassionate Country.

When we do not even show our own citizens compassion when it comes to their health care needs. The call to repeal the new health care law is an exercise in futility and has much more to do with political grandstanding then anything. Granted it is not a perfect health care law and parts of it need to be changed. But come on to throw the baby out with the bath water for lack of a better term. I have not seen a creditable alternative presented just calls for repeal. If there is a creditable alternative please forwarded it over.