August 04, 2012


By Melvin J. Howard

Family values, For the benefit of the family, For the welfare of children or how about this one assigning your spousal support rights to the ministry what does this all mean? These are all very lofty sayings to pull at your heart strings but what it all comes down to is what I found out about is  $$$$$$$$$ Money.  Since the 1980’s government accountability has been out making money was in but at what cost. Money and the bottom line have swept into areas that were previously isolated from market forces such as government services. Partly this has been a good thing you have more choices. Yet there has been a cost to society more people in more occupations are chasing money or being chased by bean counters. When profits and performance are the only measure of success ideas about fairness go out the window. And this is where the problems lies some have become adept at turning money into influence so when they break the rules they escape punishment. I am going to show over time how Canada more specifically the Province of British Columbia stole $150,000,000.00 from me by colluding, corruption and just plain lying and because of this I have found out that my NAFTA case is not over at least in the civil sense starting with this document.

On January 5, 2008 I submitted a Notice of Arbitration to the Government of Canada  Under The Arbitration Rules Of The United Nations Commission On International Trade Law And The North American Free Trade Agreement. Followed by a Revised Amended Statement Of Claim on February 2, 2009. A copy of those complaints is attached to this affidavit as an Exhibit "B and C" respectively.

These complaints originated as far back as September 13, 2003 when I and affiliated companies purchased an Ultrafast EBT Scanner in the United States to be used in a diagnostic imaging facility that was refitted in Calgary Alberta. As a result through the actions of the Government of Canada our equipment was expropriated at total loss of $2,300,000.00 not including leasehold improvements this was the first lost I experienced due to unfair trade practices. A copy of shipping and financial documents is attached to this affidavit as Exhibit "D".